Management Principles

Sumara Hospitality Group is a people and a service-driven company. Effective management is our way of doing business with our partners, and provide them successful operation at all service levels, and minutely manage their investment to the profitable growth.


All effective and successful companies are grown and built around people who function as loyal and dependable team. We provide our employees our clear and manageable goals and give them open working ambience of respect and trust to cast our mission together. They actively participate in the planning and implantation of the company’s plan with complete transparency and honest communication, delegation, empowerment, so they can perform with confidence and generate maximum productivity with their best abilities.


Our customers are our backbone of our business, to provide them an exceptional service is our top line priority not one time, but consistently with each time, that is the only difference between Sumara Hospitality Group and other competitive companies.


Investors/Partners of the properties are very important part of our team. We strive hard to keep an open and transparent dialogues with them in our business relationships. We manage their assets very closely, and provide them fair profit of their investment consistent with ownership’s expectations.

Management & Labor

Our focus is to generate positive relationship between management and labor like a good team and to lower cost, increase productivity, and consistently upgrade service. We closely monitor labor laws and regulations to assure continuity in the interaction between management and employees.